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Market LogiX is a system designed to give time and distance of your nearest outlets to the customer. A fast and easy way to zone for shops, depots and sites etc. It can list locations to be served by each depot, site etc., giving areas of ideal coverage to aid in location searches.

Market LogiX works in three different modes:

1. Supply mode
In this mode the system will give a list of the best possible supply points for the customers. For example "I have 200 shops in Sweden. I need to deliver to all towns in Sweden. I want to know the 2 best alternatives for each town where to supply from. I want to know time, distance and cost."

2. Demand mode
Allocates demand points to closest supply point. Can be used to create zones. For example "Allocate my 3000 customers in Europe to my 20 depots."

3. Interactive
Gives online to calculate the closest point to a given place by input from keyboard. This functionality is useful for assistance and rescue activities.

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DSP International has now won three prestigious awards

DPS were awarded the ICT Excellence award for in the Software as a Service category on 25 November 2010.

In 2007, logixcentral won the ICT Excellence award for Innovation and the comapny was ICT Regional Champion

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Market LogiX works in supply mode, demand mode and interactive mode.

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