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LogiX Tracker displays real-time or file data with vehicle positions. This technology can be used for following up routes in real time.There are several players on the market being able to provide mobile data solutions, mostly based around GPS and GSM technology. All of them can be integrated with planning solutions from DPS. We have experience of mobile data systems using NMT, GSM, Inmarsat, Mobitex and Local radio systems. The tracking systems are used with high quality digital maps that are synchronised to meet the GPS standard latitude longitude in WGS 84. Send/receive message functions are available in the systems as well as advanced vehicle routing in some versions.

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DSP International has now won three prestigious awards

DPS were awarded the ICT Excellence award for logixcentral.com in the Software as a Service category on 25 November 2010.

In 2007, logixcentral won the ICT Excellence award for Innovation and the comapny was ICT Regional Champion

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Track vehicle positions with LogiX Tracker displaying real time or file date, tracking system used with high quality digital maps.

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