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Asset "what-if" scenario option testing which allows you to test several scenarios for viability before making the decision to purchase, consolidate or contract outsourced assets.


Together with your team, we can assist with the details for determining responses to tenders and proposals for 3rd-party logistics services, and increase your business development success rate.


Analysing your customer profiles which include location, contraints and order volumes and patterns we can determine the most optimal vehicle composition by facility.


Where order and delivery patterns are standard or dynamic, with small or great deviations our process will optimise route planning, vehicle and load planning. A regular periodic check ensures you make the necessary adjustments to remain optimal use of assets.


Expanding? Relocating? Need to know which of several potential sites is the optimal site for your new facility. If you don't have sites already identified, our service will identify the choice locations on which to begin facility location planning and sourcing new land or facilities to suit.

Typical Implementation Report Card

  • 20-25% Reduction in hours spent on Manual
    Scheduling on a daily basis
  • 10-12% Improvement on Vehicle Utilisation
  • 12% Increase in On-time Deliveries
  • Increased Customer Service Performance
  • Improved control over Operations
  • Positive impact on Driver Relationships

Quick Return on Investment!

We believe in the value of our products and services. To demonstrate this we are prepared toengage in projects on a shared-risk basis.

Our Shared Risk approach offers:

  • No big capital outlay
  • Pilot projects at cost
  • Pay-as-you-go licensing
  • Free product training
  • No long-term contracts!!

Outsourced Services

Many of our projects can be conducted on an outsourced basis, which allows us to complete projects for companies which are geographicallydistant from our physical locations. Besides projects in Southern Africa, currently we are able to conduct projects for companies in the USAbased in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. Our services are not limited to these locations.

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Pathfinder logistic solutions offer tactical vehicle planning, fleet composition profiling and operational fleet optimisation.

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